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ULTARA specializes in predictive analysis of equipment and facilities. Utilizing state-of-the-art Vibration Analysis, Laser Alignment and Ultrasonic Testing. We develop an effective, condition-based maintenance management program that will improve reliability while lowering maintenance costs.

ULTARA provides accurate, concise and practical information on the operating condition of critical plant equipment. This allows management to make an informed cost effective decision to prioritize equipment repairs.

ULTARA also impacts the bottom line immediately by Ultrasonic testing for Air Leaks and Steam Trap functionality. These are the most over looked and, over a period of time, most costly issues that directly effects the bottom line. These problems are easily detected and cost justified for the repairs.










Our Services

Vibration Analysis

Mechanical vibration records provide valuable detail on the health of rotating equipment. ULTARA's state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic techniques predict problems well in advance of breakdown, reducing unexpected downtime and repair costs. This approach improves equipment reliability, while eliminating the stress associated with obsolescent reactive maintenance programs.

ULTARA performs vibration analysis in applications including machinery vibration and condition monitoring.  If you have a service requirement for machinery vibration testing, contact us so we can quickly resolve your problems and put your plan back on a path of profitability. There are many benefits for using ULTARA for your vibration analysis needs that will save you time and money, including:

• Early Problem Detection
• Ability to schedule maintenance
• Reliable equipment
• Reduce production/ downtime costs
• Diminish large scale repairs/ failures

Vibration is essentially the heartbeat of all mechanical equipment. Capturing this vibration in a number of different forms allows analysts to diagnose equipment ailments, such as worn bearings or imbalance, by measuring the amplitude and frequency of the vibration. With this knowledge, customers can prevent equipment problems before they affect production.


ULTARA's analysis is also useful on structures for identifying natural or modal effect frequencies necessary for specifying structural modifications. For equipment sensitive to external vibration, we also identify transmission paths for effective isolation.  There is no reason to tolerate mediocre equipment performance. Our analysis tools accurately clarify the source and severity of every impasse so production remains on schedule.


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Precision alignments insure that the driver and driven parts of every machine work in unison. Often, different machinery elements fight each other across the coupling, creating an enormous inefficiency. As a result, productivity falls while energy requirements increase. In addition, the machine’s components encounter accelerated wear, diminishing life expectancy and increasing operational costs.

ULTARA aligns your machinery for a longer life expectancy, saving on energy and maintenance costs, and most importantly increasing equipment uptime and decreasing unscheduled downtime.

ULTARA uses alignment techniques, including laser and dial indicator. We use only quality stainless steel shims to ensure a non corrosive environment for the machine base.  We ensure precision alignments for the most complex conditions, leaving you with efficient and reliable equipment.



ULTARA also specializes in balancing; some of the advantages to using our balancing services include, less damage and wear to bearings, shafts and rotors. A reduction in destructive structural vibration, overall noise level, energy use and costs, fewer machinery breakdowns and production loss, extended bearing and equipment life and more efficiently operating machinery.

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Ultrasonic Applications

There are many applications for ultrasonic detection. Sensing high frequency emissions, these instruments are used in most any industry, including general manufacturing, processing, power generation and distribution, printing and transportation. Typical applications include:

Leak Detection:

Pressure or vacuum systems, seals and gaskets, wind noise, hatch leaks, vacuum bagging, compressed air, compressors, valves, steam traps, heat exchangers, boilers, condensers, distillation columns and fire suppression systems.

Mechanical Inspection:

Bearing faults (all speeds), lack of lubrication, prevent over lubrication, compressors, pumps (cavitations), motors, gears/gear boxes, hydraulic systems, fans, couplings, trending, trend reports and spectral analysis.

Electrical Inspection:

(All voltages, open access or enclosed) Arcing, tracking, corona, partial discharge: switchgear, transformers, arresters, insulators, motor control centers, distribution lines, buss bars, breakers/disconnects.

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Machinery Diagnostics

ULTARA specializes in advanced Diagnostic Services, both on-site and remotely, on Motors, Fans, Hydraulics, Gear, Power Transmission, Conveyor and Compressor systems. We also offer assistance in System Design.

ULTARA reports provide detailed observations with straight forward explanations and recommended actions for machinery of concern. Digital images of specific components and relevant graphical information are provided and discussed with plant personnel. Remote diagnostics of data collected by plant personnel can also be provided.

Serving all facets of industry including:

Primary Metals
Glass and Fiberglass
Pulp and Paper
Die Casting
Food and Beverage


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ULTARA was established in 2001 to help manufacturers become profitable by eliminating waste and improving equipment reliability.

Hi, my name is Larry Dykgraaf. Years ago, I was introduced to the art of predictive maintenance when I was asked to institute a vibration analysis program for a world class manufacturer where I was employed as a machine repairman. Through the years I've studied these technologies and became involved in the Vibration Institute. Along with the vibration program, I became an expert in precision coupling alignment using laser equipment. The most recent addition to the arsenal of predictive maintenance technologies was airborne ultrasonic detection. I am certified through the CCICN as Level II Airborne Ultrasound. I am also certified Vibration Analyst-Level III through the Vibration Institute. My passion is energy conservation and equipment reliability. That is why the name of my company is:


Ultrasonic Leak Testing And Reliability Assurance


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